Monday, March 09, 2009

KPMG Is Number One Best Big Company to Work For in the UK

KPMG is the “Best Big Company to Work For in 2009” in the United Kingdom according to The Sunday Times of the UK. It beats 2nd place Bourne Leisure and 3rd American Express. This is from one of the most respected newspapers in the island and widely quoted list, so kudos to Big Four firm KPMG for securing this top honor...

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Alexeycus said...

An article from Ukrainian popular web-source (in Russian):

Gangster-bosses to be jailed
…how a KPMG employee was beaten unmercifully

It is no longer a secret that greedy, own-pocket oriented managers/bosses treat their employees as slaves, whether in Ukraine or anywhere in the world. There was a deficit in “corporate style” employees and employer had to present all possible “western culture” standards in pre-crisis times. So, today, in these turbulent crisis times, such employers reveal its real ego.

…Fifteen employees were informed on having been redundant on Friday, 17th April 2009. As it usual happens, with breach of Ukrainian labor legislation, upon “voluntary resign” statement signing off. One of these fifteen refused to sign such unlawful and humiliating statement, requesting redundancy procedure to be accomplished according to the current labor legislation. He back to work on Tuesday, after Orthodox Easter public holidays. Immediately he was asked for a hard talk with his boss. All available in office employees were witnesses as the boss tried to use physical force to the “naughty” employee. However, the employee did not give in to threats; he just asserted his legal labor and constitutional rights. He came to work on Wednesday and Thursday as well. What was the reaction of the partners (bosses)? Today (on Thursday, 23rd April, 2009), they set against him three unknown gangsters in black jackets. These bustards just started to beat our “naughty one” in open area in front of staggering employees…

The story here is about KPMG – one of the “Big Four”, - the largest audit companies in the world: Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG, и PricewaterwouseCoopers.

There were hundreds of Big4 employees dismissed since November 2008 out of labor code requirements.
The majority were forced to sign off a “voluntary agreement”. Thus, the companies saved a lot of money on dismissal pay. It is strange, but the dismissed employees sign everything stilly.
Our “naughty” hero has become the one of a few, who decided to fight for his constitutional rights. Luckily, it was the first and only example of gangster response on legal pretensions; other companies’ bosses/partners were wiser, greeting their teeth, they compromised, understanding the real value of firm’s reputation in the region. Despite, KPMG’s partners give a damn about the firm’s and their own reputation. However, they should have known a famous golden rule, quoted by the western business-leaders: “Our most valuable assets leave office premises every evening walking”

…At the end, I would like to say that our hero succeeded to call to police: an act on the incident was performed. A lawsuit, I hope, will be submitted to a court. And, I think, you will back me, if I say, that my sincere wish for these “gone too far” bosses/partners to loose the entire firm’s clients and to quit the business stained.

Our hero blog (in Russian):