Monday, January 29, 2007

Accenture to Have More Indian than US Employees

Accenture (NYSE: ACN) is planning to hire an additional 8,000 staff in India to increase its numbers from the current 27,000 to 35,000 by August 2007. This will make India the Accenture’s largest employment hub, overtaking the United States (30,000 employees).

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Chris Gould said...

Hi -Our organization is making a great effort to recruit the best talent in India but at the same time, we continue to look for talented professionals in the US and we have aggressive hiring goals across all four of our workforces in the US this year.

Please visit our recruiter's blog and we can hopefully answer anyone's questions.

Anonymous said...

It may be good to share some perspective on the actual calibre of Indian IT Majors ..I used to work in Tata Consultancy Services earlier. Frankly, I was shocked to see the level of staff exploitation as well as lack of ethics in their client work culture, contrary to the general impression created by them in front of the Industry. I remember that they completely copied a major Benchmarking study from one client to another without any sincere effort done at all, happened in front of my eyes.. It is sad to see the American Industry running after and incredibly enriching these kind of firms, who fundamentally grew from highly unethical and exploitation driven business models. Also, it may surprise many of us to know that none of the good and qualified professionals stayed long in TCS in 1990s and beyond. Most of the good genuine professionals were harassed and suppressed politically by the highly predominant and huge number of low-quality and less educated but highly political old timer staff in TCS , and left the firm after demotivation in this kind of negative work environment. Result is that all the low quality and less educated people who have stuck to TCS past 10-20+ years are occupying most of senior positions nowadays, while almost all the good people in the past 10 odd years left due to demotivation and harassment in this highly political work environment.. LET THIS BE A CHALLENGE TO TCS, IF THEY CAN REFUTE THIS FACT.. There are hundreds and maybe thousands of good ex-TCS employees who can vouch for this sad fact..