Sunday, September 17, 2006

BearingPoint: 10K Had Better Come Shortly!

So when is BearingPoint, Inc.'s (NYSE: BE) 2005 10K coming?

There is talk that this will now be coming in the next two weeks, provided of course, that BearingPoint, Inc. does not get to postponing it yet again. BearingPoint, Inc. has scheduled an investors' meeting on December 11th, 2006, so the 10K needs to come out soon, to give people enough time to get ready. The company came out in April 2006 with Q1-2006 results, and silence, as it skipped the business outlook presentation of July 2006. 10Q results for 2005 should come out in October 2006. When the 10 K comes out, BE (NYSE: BE) is expected to provide outlook on the business and financial results?...

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