Monday, November 23, 2009

Ernst and Young’s Top Entrepreneurs Maintain Vision Despite Tough Conditions

Entrepreneurs are hardy folks. Undeterred by current circumstances, they are entirely focused on their vision and a rosier tomorrow.

And in this deep and difficult recession, Ernst & Young found that entrepreneur-driven companies are still looking for growth and opportunity in these tough times by adapting their operating methods to set themselves up for market leadership when the economy does turn to the upside...

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doctor baloney said...

Unfortunately for the unsuspecting reader, this piece is nonsense upon stilts. A fact which may have been hinted at by the early statement that:

"Entrepreneurs are hardy folks. Undeterred by current circumstances....".

Which flies in the face of all evidence that minor things like, say, unavailable credit, cuts in consumer spending and buyers hammering their suppliers, hit SMEs and start-ups disproportionally.

On top of the general twittery of the article direction, it is evident on further reading that the 'evidence' has been taken, not from balance sheets, VAT returns or VC analysts but by, ahem, asking entrepreneurs questions like:

'are you pursuing growth opportunities?'

'do you wish to implement technology for higher business efficiency?' etc...

Note that these are aspirational, rather than actual. It's like asking Gordon Brown 'do you wish you were popular?'. The answer has little to do with the reality.