Friday, May 29, 2009

KPMG Advisory Reorganizes From 9 Lines To 3 Groups

We see from KPMG’s website this morning that there is an internal reorganization of its KPMG Advisory Service Line with a new operating model and reducing its currently nine different service lines:

1. Accounting Advisory Services
2. Business Performance Services
3. Corporate Finance
4. Financial Risk Management
5. Forensic
6. Internal Audit, Risk & Compliance Services
7. IT Advisory Services
8. Restructuring
9. Transaction Services

into three larger service groups effective October 1, 2009:

1. Performance & Technology
2. Transactions & Restructuring
3. Risk & Compliance...

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Anonymous said...

It's important to note that KPMG's valuation practice is lumped with its tax practice in something called "Economic & Valuation Services," which is in the Tax practice. Though the valuation teams do nearly nothing tax-related, they were clumped in the Tax practice because when when Bearingpoint sold the valuation practice back to KPMG, it was a tax partner who spearheaded the whole operation.

Having said that, 1) KPMG Valuation has very little to do with tax despite its placement in the Tax practice, and 2) KPMG Valuation has a sizable market share in that it is bigger than PwC and EY, competing with Deloitte for #1. PwC, despite being the biggest auditor, just started their valuation practice in the last couple years and has a long way to go.