Wednesday, April 29, 2009

NVCA Wants to Broaden Big Four to Global Six

The National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) has come up with four key recommendations to help US venture-backed companies, to kick start the IPO market, which decreased in 2008 to only 6 IPOs in the United States. Taking recommendations from capital market leaders, the NVCA focuses on the venture capital industry, investment banking, accounting professions, law firms, stock exchanges and the government to to restore a vibrant IPO environment once the economy comes back.

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Anonymous said...

The ratio of IPOs/Partner is higher at Grant Thornton and BDO Seidman than it is for the Big 4 firms on average. So, the qualifications are clearly there for what venture capital and private equity firms care about. This is not like parachuting in 300 professionals in to IBM. The work will be a priority for Grant Thornton and BDO Seidman that it has not been for the larger firms so the NVCA is probably on to something just as they are on to something when they indicate that the large investment banks have not served their portfolio companies well.