Thursday, January 24, 2008

All Big4 Firms On Fortune's 100 Best Companies To Work For

All Big Four firms recently made it to the recent Fortune magazine's listing of Top 100 US Companies to work for. This ranking is highly anticipated and widely quoted. Deloitte even carried a press release on their inclusion on their website.

Leading the pack in the list was Ernst and Young at #57, followed by KPMG at #71, PricewaterhouseCoopers at #90, and Deloitte at #95.

And here are more interesting numbers from the report. Keep in mind that these are the US firms of the larger international Big Four partnerships, and while some numbers pertain to the US, some others (such as revenue) are for the global firm:

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Anonymous said...

How can there be such a significant difference in average salary?

bn thr-dn tht said...

It depends on the grades and levels that the firms reported. It would be interesting to break down the difference between Partners, Managers and staff and run those numbers. One thing is usually true when you work in ANY professional services firm; you earn every penny you make.

Anonymous said...


I am wondering if you could help me out. I am in university and got a co-op job with Deloitte. I got a job in the enterprise risk services and advisory division. I am wondering if being in this department and not audit will hinder me in any way?

What are the PROS and CONS of starting in this department as opposed to starting in audit.

Part of me thinks that my job isn't as secure in this division and that when I move on a few years from now I will look back wishing I started in audit...

Is this irrational?


Marmion said...

I'm of the understanding that BAS (Business Advisory Services aka Private Client Services aka Middle Market Advsiory aka Growth Solutions) are in high demand, as well as audit and tax naturally.
I'm not entirely sure what ERS entails, but once you get your CA qualification you'll be sweet. If anything you'll have plenty of opportunities to transfer between departments. Thats probably one of the best things about co-ops/internships, is that you get a 'taste' of what its like before signing into a permanent graduate position. You may also be able to negotiate experiencing different lines of services. I know in New Zealand that EY offers interns the opportunity to do 6 weeks audit 6 weeks tax over our summer. I also know that PwC is very accomodating if you wish to change your service line.

Faisal Danka said...

ERS in Deloitte is the IT Audit and Advisory services, primarily focused on IT related projects and support in external audits.

To be honest, it is not a bad dept to start with. However, if you are working towards your ACA / ACCA (or equivalent Accounting qualification), then your internship / articleship should primarily be in audit. Otherwise, as an ERS experienced person, you would have skill set which is greatly in demand (be it other Big4's, Management Consulting and or Industry).

Anonymous said...

Numbers are so wrong.

KPMG has over 1000 employees in Thailand alone...

Your figures KPMG 340 worldwide outside of the US.

Amazingly bad numbers.... sorry.