Monday, September 10, 2007

CapGemini Pushes Google's Office Suite - Takes Lead

Watch out Microsoft!

We see that CapGemini will start to push Google online office software (email & calendar management, word processing, spreadsheet) to its corporate clients. This happens to the first time that a large technology consulting (and Big Four) firm is partnering with Google for this set of services. Earlier we had blogged that BearingPoint had partnered with Google to apply its corporate search application to customers.


Dennis Howlett said...

I disagree. While Cap will get mindshare they're a hardware support vrew that doesn't figure on the top 10 US outsourcers. That's a hurdle in itself.

On the call I did it was clear there are a range of issues they've not figured out. Or thought about. This is not a slam dunk.

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