Monday, November 13, 2006

KPMG LLP's Private Equity Group - Serving A Huge Market

KPMG LLP will be forming a U.S. Private Equity Group as a dedicated practice to pull together all their top partners to assist the larger Private Equity funds with Donald C. Spitzer as national managing partner -- private equity.

"Formation of the U.S. Private Equity Group brings together KPMG's most experienced private-equity partners and our superior processes into a single, integrated unit," said Spitzer, noting that every member of the Group already provides customized services to the world's largest funds. He added that private-equity funds grew from more than $20 billion in 1996 to more than $200 billion in 2006.

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Anonymous said...


I really like the blog. I am starting at KPMG in the Fall of 2007 (I am currently a Senior in college). How soon do you think I should ask to do a rotation into another service line? I am currently scheduled to do external audit, but the way you describe TAS and the growth in the Private Equity Group, I am wondering if I should also try some other service lines to see what I like.

One again, nice blog.

Anonymous said...

KPMG is the weakest of the Big 4 with respect to Transaction Services and they have no presence among the Mega PE Funds. PwC, E&Y and D&T dominae the private equity space.

Anonymous said...

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