Monday, November 14, 2005

Hung Jury Does Not Mean Acquitted

Five executives from Enron’s internet business have learned that an indecisive jury does not mean freedom. Of the 170 counts on which these defendants were tried, the vast majority led neither to an acquittal nor a guilty verdict.

The US government has decided to try again for a conviction. So far, these five defendants have eluded a guilty verdict.

This latest round of battles between Enron’s internet business employees and the US government is likely to provide momentum to the winner in the prosecution of Enron’s senior executives (such as Ken Lay) – expected to begin in early 2006.

In this second attempt at a guilty verdict – targeting Joseph Hirko, Rex Shelby, Kevin Howard, Michael Krantz, and Scott Yeager – the government has narrowed its focus to thirty-one charges.

Former Enron investors are watching these criminal cases closely, as they may improve their chances of victory in civil suits.